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At Minneapolis Junk Removal, Little Canada we make it our number 1 priority to provide our customers the most straight forward, honest, comprehensive and all around best junk removal junk removal service in Minneapolis. Our priority is to deliver high quality and individualized services for each customer since everybody’s junk is a little different. The one thing each customer has in common in the end result which is a clean property with no remnants left behind of any trash, garbage or debris.  We are here to enhance your property and also provide peace of mind knowing you are dealing with the top professional junk removers in Minneapolis.

Our friendly attitude from the moment we answer the phone to our commitment to thorough and unhurried appointments, consultations and service shows the dedication and care we put into our craft.

Your property will looks its very best and you will feel et ease knowing your hired professionals to get rid of your debris and garbage. Nobody does it better in Minneapolis and we have the positive reviews to back it up will feel at ease that you and your family will receive the highest quality junk removal service provided by people who want your property to look its very best.

First and foremost, our customers come first. Here at Minneapolis Junk Removal, Little Canada your junk really is our passion.




Little Canada Junk Removal

Minneapolis Junk Removal is the leading junk removal services in Minneapolis

At Minneapolis Junk Removal Services, our Little Canada Junk Service includes junk removal, furniture and whole house cleanouts, commercial debris and construction and renovation cleanup. Our team of experts will make sure before we begin every job you have a thorough breakdown of the price and what we will be doing. There is no bait and switch here or any pressure from our team to remove your junk. We promise to leave you satisfied every time we leave a job with your satisfaction guaranteed!


We make sure that your junk is quickly hauled away from your property and disposed of quickly to ensure compliance with rules and regulations. You should know that we do not shy away from getting our hands dirty and sorting out the junk to obtain recyclable items and donate them to concerned organizations. Similarly, sorting is useful in making sure that different types of waste material are properly disposed of. You will not have to worry about any such procedure as the entire process will be handled by our junk removal specialists.


While handling different types of mattresses and furniture, we are well-aware of the fact that they have to handled cautiously. For this purpose, our workers are fully trained to handle even the bulkiest pieces of furniture and move them through the difficult location by using smart strategies and tool. We have the required tools and equipment needed to cut down furniture like mattresses and couches to move them through narrow corridors.


If you are looking for reliable and professional commercial debris junk pick up services in Minneapolis, you have come to the right place. Such services can be useful in a number of conditions. For instance, when you are moving your business from one area to another, you will be needing junk removal services to get rid of old cubicles, desks, cabinets, and furniture. Thus, you should be availing our commercial debris removal services in such situations. Our team is fully equipped to deal with all kinds of waste material. You can contact us anytime and we will be ready to come up with a personalized, effective plan to make your property clean and tidy and remove all of the waste material from it. Hence, you can rely on our services as these are the junk removal services that you will get in the twin cities.


Construction and renovation are not only exhausting but also quite messy processes because there are a number of things that can go wrong or result in excessive waste. Renovations mean that you want to improve your property. However, many people tend to forget the massive work associated with post-renovation or construction cleanup.  Many people tend to ignore the importance of post-renovation cleanup. However, you should know that it is important to ensure the safety of your family members and yourself. Moreover, construction and renovation cleanup services give you a golden opportunity of sitting back and enjoy your new property without constantly worrying about the waste material.

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